Technology and Education, How to Make it Flow


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Technology and I have always gone hand in hand, I can remember back to my elementary school where the teacher was trying to use a typing program with my fellow students and myself. Most of the time it went great, but then there was always those occasions that something would go wacky and it seemed like the whole world turned upside down for her. On the other had I loved these times, I was always ready and willing to step in and help, problem-solving is a passion of mine. Now and then neither her nor I could figure it out. It is these moments that frighten me, what happens when I am teaching a class, and something goes wrong, and I can’t fix it and neither can the tech savvy kids in the class either. As an educator we are always looking for better ways to teach our students, but what happens when the better way turns itself into the worst way ever. This brings me to my point, Have made ourselves so dependent on technology that we can’t work without it. Here is where my minimalistic side kick in, maybe the key is to use just enough technology in uncomplicated ways that everything just flows. You see I love Smart NoteBook, but the key is simple lessons that flow. With that being said, always have a backup!

Now being a minimalist does not mean using the least amount of technology as possible, on the contrary, it means to make every piece useful. In other words, if you are doing a lesson on robotics make sure you are an expert with the technology first and implement it into the classroom in the most straightforward and simple way possible. There is no reason to complicate you job more than it already might be. In the end, if you find it is too difficult a task for you to accomplish on your own, well there is always someone who probably is an expert in it, therefore use every resource possible. By doing so, we will be able to meet our Teacher Quality Standards in straightforward and efficient manner.