A Profound Narative


This last month and a bit have been so crazy busy, not only have I been writing papers but I decided to mix up my final assignment. If you haven’t watched my vlog about coding and tech in the classroom, then you would probably not know about my venture into videography and vlogging. Because of this passion, I decided to take on two large final projects entered around this medium.

I had the opportunity to meet a successful Canadian poet, Shane Book; wherein I was able to witness his venture into videography, as a means to tell a story. I discussed with him my passion for videography and the techniques he uses to convey his message. He said that a story should be able to be understood through the visual arts without any words.

With this knowledge I approached my ENGL 301 partners: Stefanie Connor and Hawa Kamara, with an idea of using mini videos as a way of conceptualizing Athol Fugard’s play, “”Master Harold”…and the boys”. They both saw my passion and added their own to the project. Through the filming process, we were able to see Medicine Hat College’s student population as progressive and caring individuals. Not only did the process allow us to create a profound learning experience for our fellow peers, but it pushed us out of or own comfort zones and changed our perspective of or school and peers.

At the same time, I was also filming another video project in my GNED 234 class with Shae Fedorak. This production had a substantially different composition than the ENGL 301 project. Instead of focusing on profound mini video stories, we decided to create the story of community through a combination of interviews. Through these interviews, we were able to interview key movers and shakers in our community of Medicine Hat. By snipping and editing, we were able to create a unifying and profound narrative of our community.

Who knew an investment in tech could have lead to such diversely different, yet profoundly the same learning breakthroughs? Instead of just completing these projects, I found myself morphing through the production process. If you are an educator questioning taking the dive into moviemaking assignments with your students, I would tell you it is well worth every dollar you spend. Education becomes a game changer when it has the power to create a world full of creators than just consumers.

I spent a substantial amount of money on a professional video camera and professional editing software, but in the end, I cannot put a price on the knowledge that I have gained through these experiences.


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