Social [Change]



Ever since I was a child, my parents taught me about the importance of how you present yourself. My childhood did not consist of substantial time spent on social media or technology. Instead, I spent most of my time outdoors exploring the world around me.

Being raised as an only child, I would spend most of my time alone with my dog sitting and complementing life. My life has never revolved around what other people think of me, but rather what I think of myself. Everything I have done, I hold myself accountable for; It is for this very reason that social media has never been the center of my life. To this day the only real social media presence that I have is what this class has provided and my joint Facebook account with my wife.

Since social media to me was nothing more than a way to elevate oneself among others, I did not hold it in high importance among my life goals. To me, value comes from how you present yourself in person on a regular basis. But not everyone has the same values and standards, and social media to many has been a way of getting attention from their peers and friends.

Many people today call me a nerd or a techie, but to me, that does not mean holding a significant presence online. Rather it defines my ability to produce and create using the technology that I have learned to embrace. I have always viewed my social media presence as a way to influence those around me in a positive way, instead of consuming what others have placed haphazardly, I believe we should create with thought and passion.

Some people have described me as being too deep, but I believe that it is this depth that has created the best version of myself. Though I previously did not see the need for a social media presence, I now see how I can create in a meaningful way for others. I also have been able to see that other like-minded individuals are creating a significant impact as well.

I believe that as teachers we must strive to be a positive influence on not only our students but to the world around us. After researching my presence online, I am sad to say that I failed the online part till this class. Now I have finally found a way to create and present my depth in a meaningful way. I might not be able to change the world on my own, but with the help of those around me and around the world it very well is possible.

I have never been one to hide who I am or what I’m about, but with saying that, I do like to separate my personal and professional life. Everyone needs to have a life outside their job; I have learned the consequences of turning your hobby into your job. Therefore I do like my privacy. I do not want to be dealing with parents or students on a constant basis, which the internet provides regular access.

My parents raised me with the knowledge of when to check out, and my Saturdays are a rest day, one where I don’t focus on work, school or technology, but rather on what matters, and that is family and friends. Your job is always a part of your life, but to be the best educator, we need to have that valuable down time to recharge.

Each day I will continue to work towards building a stronger professional social network, One that will positively impact my coworkers, students and the environment around me. I will be known as the educator that stands for communication, creativity, and community. Our world is changing, and as teachers, we have to be the force that shapes it for the better. #BeTheChange #Positivity #SmileMore


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