The Tech MindShift



Technology has always been an extension of myself; Therefore, it at times becomes just something that I must do. Because of this, I have struggled with thinking of interesting ways to apply it in my class or even make it fun again. This week I was able to experience it in a whole new light, one that gave me an aha moment. Our instructor gave us the task of going on a QR Code Scavenger Hunt using the app Goosechase; the work was engaging so much so that I could understand first-hand the importance of QR Codes. I realize how the college could simplify our interaction with the services offered, and expand student participation. Who wants to spend the time typing out a long URL or writing down all the information on an upcoming event? Since I claim to be a minimalist, what could be better than using a QR code to quickly implement Bring Your Own Device in my class, or even doing an interactive scavenger hunt to introduce a new unit? I could even go as far as getting the students to create their QR scavenger hunt, as a check for understanding, the uses are endless.


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